Self Love

The latest paintings I have been featuring on my site and social media are products of the collaboration between myself and my wife, Dana Brennnen.   She is excellent at helping my models find the right pose that suits their body type and flatters their strengths.  Much of the challenge is to find the right moment that captures confidence and inner beauty on camera.  Dana and I understand that we all struggle with our own insecurities about our bodies. However, we see beauty in all shapes and sizes.  We also realized that people are less inhibited when they opt to have their picture painted artistically.  They feel less inhibited and more willing to explore what makes them truly beautiful.  Using our talents, Dana and I are campaigning “Self Love.”  We want people to realize they are amazingly beautiful in their own unique way.  Never-mind trying to fit into the cookie cutter image of the fitness industry standard.  Be who you are meant to be and capitalize on it.

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